On those days when you can’t catch a break,

In those weeks, months and years when all the doors are closed and hope slams its door in your face,

Don’t give up, even when it’s so easy to do.

All is not lost, hope can still be found.

The doors of hope can be opened, you just need the keys.

Try to be positive when you feel hopeless;

The first door opens and hope is sparked.

Continue taking small steps towards your goals; especially when they feel too far to reach.

The next door will open, and hope grows a little more.

Speak positive words (even if it’s only for yourself) to keep you going.

Remember what you want, and let that inspire you.

Look for the good and the joy, even when it’s small.

Know that the dark will pass.

Believe in yourself, even if you’re the only one who does.

Most importantly, believe that the Lord will sustain you and get you where you need to go.

These are the keys to the door of hope.

Do these things, and one day your keys will unlock the door.


Photo: FreeImages/Carlos Paes