Hi readers! Welcome to 2019. I hope that the new year brings good things for all of you! I also hope that if you experienced struggles in 2018 that you’ll be able to leave them behind in ’19 and have a wonderful new start to your year.

For me, some of my challenges from 2018 are following me into the new year. ‘18 was a tough year for me with major family health issues, financial struggle, tremendous job stress, personal struggles with depression and anxiety and a back injury. My year definitely didn’t go as planned and just added to an already heavy load of stress, anxiety and responsibilities. But I want 2019 to be a better year. I’ve felt so mired in my troubles that being positive (even for this blog) has been difficult. My struggles with positivity and my plunging frame of mind really bother me. Since some of the challenges from ’18 are still present in my life, ’19 could be difficult and miserable if I don’t do something better.

One thing I noticed was that during 2018 I was focusing so much on taking care of problems that I never took the opportunity to take care of my own emotional needs. I fulfilled my basic physical needs by feeding myself  and keeping a roof over my head, but I neglected to really think about caring for my emotional needs. I also wasn’t praying quite as much as I could have, which wasn’t helping anything. I kept thinking that there were so many things I needed to tend to and that there just wasn’t time for my personal needs. This was not a particularly good mindset to be in. I think that ignoring myself (and often not having time for myself) contributed to my poor moods and made tough situations tougher. I realized that had I tended to my own emotional needs, the tough times would have been easier to deal with and a positive mindset might have been easier to maintain.

So I decided that this year, I need to give myself more light and learn to better manage those hardships I can’t leave behind. I think it’s important to  do things to help myself get back on track emotionally and personally and work harder on . I must find a way to The new year seems like the perfect time to start. I’ve been thinking about how people make resolutions when a new year begins. Some people focus on goals for the year, some try getting rid of a bad habit, others try creating new, healthier habits. Lots of people pledge to improve themselves; I want to improve myself, too. I want improve how I feel, because I don’t like feeling badly.

My New Year’s Resolution is me. I’m choosing to focus on emotional well-being and strengthening my spiritual . I’m looking forward to the new year, and I’m excited about taking care of myself. It feels good to be excited about something again, because I haven’t felt that way all year.  I’ve decided that self care will mean continuing in my faith, working on my emotional and mental well-being, making time for what makes me happy and sometimes prioritizing my own needs.  Another thing that I think will help me is to re-focus on my blogs. I love writing- especially here on Word Press. I’ve missed the community and working on posts. I miss the feeling of joy I get from writing and the feeling of accomplishment when I hit that publish button. So look out, readers, you’ll be seeing more posts in ’19 than you saw in ’18. I’ll be publishing on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month this year.

I think that caring for ourselves and nurturing not only our physical needs, but our spiritual and emotional needs can help us live better, happier lives. I also think it can help us be better people who can give

So, for this new year, I want to encourage you to think about your own mental and emotional well being. What do you need to be your best? What do you need to feel good and happy? If you’re going through some difficulty right now, think about making your new year’s resolution to take care of you. It might just help you find light in the darkness.


PHOTO: Pixabay/athree23