Sometimes darkness in life can become so overwhelming that it’s easy to forget that light exists. You struggle and struggle, wondering or even doubting if you’ll ever find it. But you know you cannot continue on with things the way they are. So, you decide to believe that God is still with you and WILL open doors for you. And then, sometimes, when you least expect it, a small amount of light shines, and a door opens. That light you thought was gone suddenly is there- and you realize it was there all along, you just couldn’t see it.

It’s like shining a light of hope into your soul.

This has happened to me recently and although the door that opened isn’t exactly what I wanted or expected, it is bringing something better into my life and allowing me to take a step forward towards something more positive- something I need. But most importantly, it helps me to remember to believe that the light (and God) are always there, even when I can’t see them. Hope is there, even when the soul feels shrouded in darkness. It helps me to remember that I can get where I want to go in life, my soul is not chained forever. And this small ray of light shining in me gives me a little more confidence to do it. It gives me more confidence to continue believing there is light.

So if you are struggling to see light, please remember that it is there. And remember to believe that you can and will get to something better and that God will help you reach towards something it.