Maybe today you’re struggling. Maybe this month you’re struggling- or maybe this year you’re struggling. Whatever it may be, hang in there. The struggles in life can be so overwhelming and can suck up every little bit of you, leaving you feeling drained and lifeless. But remember this:

It’s ok to be scared; to second guess everything; to be frustrated, sad and angry; to cry; to think you’re loosing it; to actually lose it. It’s ok to struggle or to mess up. It happens. But whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself. Take care of yourself. Hang in there. And remember that you’re a fighter (even if that doesn’t make you feel better right now). And most of all, remember that God is with you and is helping you through it. Just keep doing the best you can. Just keep going and things will feel better. Keep going and you will feel better.


I’d like to leave you with a lyric video from YouTube. This song is by my favorite band Journey for their song “Be Good To Yourself”, and it’s on repeat for me! Hopefully it will inspire you, too.


Song: “Be Good To Yourself” by Journey (Album: ‘Raised on Radio’ 1986 property of Columbia Records)

Video: YouTube/MrChipcoop  Published on YouTube July 19, 2011