Hi Readers!

In the last six months I’ve been juggling two jobs. I’ve been working about 60 hours per week most weeks, though I did work as many as 70 hours during June. Needless to say, I’m tired! But I’m also proud of myself for managing to get through it all without totally losing it, lol! So the other day I was leaving my second job when I spotted some beautiful yellow roses in the floral section of the store. I love yellow, especially yellow flowers. I decided to spend a bit of the money I had worked so hard for to get myself a little something to celebrate my hard work.


This small thing I did for myself brought me some joy and is also making every day a little brighter every morning when I see these on my dining room table.

So my challenge to you is to celebrate the small victories in your life this month. Did you do a great job on a project at work? Did you get to the point where you could lift  a heaver weight or run a little further in your workout? Did you finally master a skill you’ve been working on? Were you able to handle a difficult person or situation positively? Celebrate your small wins! Do something for yourself, something you enjoy, whether you buy yourself something, take yourself out to dinner, whatever. Enjoy what you choose and feel good about your little victories!


Photo: Laura