Keeping hope alive in difficult times is one of the hardest trials anyone can face. It’s hard to see the light when it’s dark. It’s hard to remember that good times will come again when you’re surrounded by trouble.

If you’re feeling upset, depressed, disillusioned, despondent, fearful, hang on, things will get better! Things are a little crazy right now and there’s a lot to be uncertain about. This is anxiety inducing. Life was supposed to be better than this, right?  Things weren’t supposed to go this way, right? I’ve been there, I understand.

But don’t let that uncertainty, and the fear that can come with it derail you.

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the aflicted will never perish.” -Psalm 9:18 NIV

Remember that God is with you and will carry you through this!

Photo: Pixabay